Welcome to my site! It lists every song that has ever entered the Top 100 Singles Chart in Australia since 1958. Over 58% of those songs have streaming audio which can be played as individual tracks or through one of the site's many jukeboxes or playlists. Being able to hear the songs can be helpful for people who don't always know the name of songs that they have heard or like. I created this site to help people reconnect with the songs that they've liked from the past and to discover many more!

Hopefully these lists can help people increase their music collections now that many songs are easily downloadable from iTunes, Amazon, etc. All of the lists have accurate AMR/ARIA chart information. Also featured on the site are my personal top singles lists plus the top selling singles in Australia for each year and decade from 1950 onwards. There's also top singles of all time lists and plenty more!!

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  1. Hello!

    I run a blog called 'Cher News' here on Blogger, and like you, I have also made a website using Blogger, called 'The Hits of Cher'. And let me tell you, your brilliant site here has been very, very useful! It is the only source I've found online for chart entry dates for Cher's Australian chart history! So thank you tremendously! I'm going to be cheeky and ask you for a favor - and you can say no of course - but if Cher's new single called 'Woman's World' enters the ARIA Top 100 Singles chart at any point in the coming weeks, could you please let me know via chernews.blogspot.com@gmail.com

    Thank you, Daniel.

    P.S. I'm kind of sad that Cher's If I Could Turn Back Time' was only at #47 on your Top Singles of 1989 list - it's my all-time favorite song! lol

    Oh, also, do you know if there is any way of me finding out the chart entry dates of Cher's - and Sonny & Cher's - albums?

  2. Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for the kind words. I can let you know if Woman's World enters the Top 100 but, sadly, it's looking unlikely. I don't keep album chart information but the following three links can help you. They have all of the Cher/Sonny & Cher album information that you are seeking (just search for "Cher" in the threads to find it).

    Sonny & Cher (AMR): http://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=23462
    Cher (AMR): http://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=35319
    Cher (ARIA): http://australian-charts.com/search.asp?cat=a&search=cher

    Kind regards,

  3. Thank you very, very much for your help Grant! And PLEASE keep on doing the site - it's brilliant!